Sunday, 2 October 2016

Leadership - An Excerpt from The Lightworkers Circle Guide

 There are many books and courses available on the subject of leadership, a role which takes place in every aspect of our lives. Like spirituality, it is a subject that can only be developed through experience - not learned from an article or book, however, written information can provide guidance as to what to look for and what to avoid!

In our society, we have two approaches to our leaders, either we idolize them - or we reject them! Everyone wants to be a leader, but no-one wants to be led! Though many would like to live without leaders, in reality, we can make no progress without them! The aim of a leader is task orientated and to further the group’s development - not their own. Leadership needs to be conducted especially when the members are not making progress alone. The position of team ‘leader’ in a small group is also that of manager, teacher, caretaker, facilitator, steward, mentor, guide and coach! A good leader’s job is broad and requires considerable sacrifice, expertise and dedication. If anyone thinks this work is easy, they will be convinced otherwise when they read the following list of skills and award marks for each! 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Free Weight-Loss Youtube Video

I am sharing this weight-loss youtube hypnosis video with my blog readers who wish to lose weight. It is a collaboration between myself in London and Zoe Featherstone, a wonderful healer in Brisbane, Australia. If you would like to lose weight, click on the link. Enjoy your journey.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Spiritual Renaissance

There is a spiritual renaissance taking place within our modern world. If you are a believer in the Afterlife, you are not alone! Millions of people in the world today believe that when our physical body dies that our spirit survives eternally. Thousands of well documented death-bed visions are reported from people who have been resuscitated after clinical death and describe meetings with family and friends in the Afterlife. In the United States and the UK, many hospitals are teaching newly qualified doctors about the importance of spirituality. For instance, Dr Sam Parnia heads ‘Aware’, the world’s largest study into near death experiences. He has found that ten per cent of resuscitated patients report a spiritual experience with life changing consequences. Some scientists, such as the physicist, Klaus Heinemann, are convinced that strange, moving globules of light called spirit orbs (that appear frequently on digital photographs) are spirit entities. International scientists are debating quantum theories that include the possible recognition of spirit worlds.

I personally believe all paranormal events, such as telepathy, movement of objects, orbs and other phenomena, are created by spirits who wish to show their existence, and demonstrate their extraordinary powers to create changes here on the earth plane. Many ordinary, competent people hear voices that guide and inform them; even the great sage, Socrates, was a voice hearer. The word ‘vocation’ means to ‘hear a calling’. Mohammed received a visit from an angel who imparted the knowledge which became the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims. Three Roman Catholic Popes have received spirit visitations, including the late Pope John Paul II and, not surprisingly, many other impressive historical figures, such as Gandhi, heard voices of spirits speaking and giving guidance to him.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Contacting angels and spirit wisdom keepers

Many years ago I had heard that Hillary Clinton had, with Jean Houston and others, been channelling and this impressed me. I read Jane Roberts book entitled ‘Seth Speaks’ and I  longed to hear words of wisdom from Spirit sources. I found channelled teachings in other books by those who could hear the voices of angels, ascended masters and advanced spirits who want to help our world to thrive and survive.

 However, there was no channelling training course in London that I could attend. I decided to try to channel alone then I decided to start a home group which I found much easier. After some time, I wrote a booklet for those in the group which then became a distance learning course. Later, I made further additions about the healing arts and divination methods and O Books offered to publish it worldwide.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ancient Wisdom

Every Springtime, Egypt has an the 'inundation', as the great Nile River floods across the land from the South and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Rich soil is deposited and this provides for the crops that have sustained the people for millennia. All kinds of fruit and vegetables grew to feed people and animals. This excellent pasture supported healthy people who could fish and hunt water birds, make music and dance, tell stories and create art, sculpture, architecture and paintings. If a society had the means to write, they had the very rare and valuable ability to record their life. The Egyptian priests learnt to read and write and perform mathematics (especially astrology, geometry and algebra) and were very intelligent and knowledgeable and their glory and fame spread throughout the known world.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Channelling - An Ancient Art

Channelling is an immensely ancient ability that was used by prophets, sibyls, shamans and wisdom keepers of many of our earliest civilisations.

The process involves not only speaking to Spirit but also listening for a reply. However, there are many types from different realms, including negative and destructive ones, so it is important to contact a spirit that has something constructive to impart either personally or for our society or world. In the past, due to the need to identify and avoid low level spirits, the personality of the deity and the value system of the deity became defined, such as whether they were kind, peaceful and generous - or whimsical, mean and punishing. On a visit to Mount Sinai/Horeb, Moses channelled the 10 Commandments similarly other Old Testament prophets communed with the deity to gain wisdom also. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Spiritism and Spiritualism

In Poughkeepsie, New York State, in 1847 an uneducated faith healer and medical seer, Andrew Jackson Davis, wrote an autobiography entitled ‘The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations’. In this book, he described his very remarkable channelling mediumship abilities which he had discovered whilst experimenting with the techniques of Franz Mesmer whose early work, entitled ‘animal magnetism’ was being modified, resulting in the discovery of ‘intentional somnambulism’ an early word used for ‘trance’. He was in touch with intellectuals in the spirit world, such as Swedenborg and Galen and he went on to write fifty books on education, health, politics, psychology and philosophy. Within a short time, in Hydesville, a local town in New York State, two young sisters, Margaret and Kate Fox reported strange knockings and rappings. These developed into a code that revealed that a peddler had been murdered and buried in the cellar of their home. An excavation revealed some bones and the previous owner of the property, Mr Bell, was accused of murder.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Spiritism and Conference Review



Movement began in France and spread to Brazil

Movement began in US and UK

Mediums communicate with named spirits in the spirit world

for moral guidance and spiritual instruction often received by ‘automatic writing’

Mediums communicates with family and friends in spirit world for ‘proof of survival’ often delivered by platform mediums to a church congregation

Uses non-contact healing

Uses contact healing

Believes in reincarnation

Does not believe in reincarnation

Mediumship training, healing and spirit release is offered to suitable applicants without cost

Frequently raises money for charities through psychic suppers and other fundraising activities

Beginnings of spirit contact

Friday, 23 September 2016

Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and Dreaming Part 1: If we live for sixty years, we will have been asleep for twenty as we spend a third of our life in sleep. During this sleep state, we dream for many hours, not just one dream per night! If we experience any kind of problem, we are often advised to ‘sleep on it’ as this is a recognized way of accessing wisdom that not available to us throughout the day.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Druids, Native Americans and almost every other culture have used dreams for gaining wisdom. Sigmund Freud said the examination of dreams is the “royal road” to self discovery.

Interesting dreams have been recorded throughout all time. Sir Christopher Wren dreamt that a woman gave him dates to eat and when he bought some the next day, it cured him of his crippling colic condition. As a child, Lady Seymour dreamt of nine finches in a nest. When she married the Earl of Winchelsea, whose name was Finch, she had nine children. Before the Coronation of King Edward VII, the Duke of Portland had a dream that the state coach was stuck under Coronation Arch. When measured, the coach was indeed too large. Otto Loewi dreamt he won the Nobel Prize before it was awarded to him. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Native American People

Early History
The native people of America were first called “Red Indians” by Christopher Columbus, when, upon arriving in North America, he thought he was in the East Indies on his way to India! There would have been 1,000 native languages in use at this time. Studies have suggested that people traveled during the ice age, perhaps as long as 30,000 years ago, from Mongolia, over the Bering Straits land bridge into Alaska, and down through the Americas. Shamanic culture that survive in Mongolia are thought to be similar to the native American shamanic practices. There is also some evidence that sailors left Europe in small canoes, surviving the frozen ice floes of the Atlantic Ocean to arrive on the Eastern sea board of the Americas. These early people hunted, fished, grew crops and flourished as very diverse and distinct indigenous people that include Alaskans, New Mexicans, Hawaiians, and tribal people of both North and South America. They developed stone weapons, the bow and arrow, war clubs and spears. It is known that 7,000 years ago food supplies would have included squashes, pumpkins, watermelon and maize and by 800AD beans and corn were on the menu.