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World Superstitions

The Latin root of the word ‘superstition’ means ‘to stand over in awe’ and relates to irrational belief that defies a logical explanation. Many primitive beliefs date back a thousand years and more. They were created to try to overcome fear of the unknown and the loss of control over life and death events. Many people believed that the future was influenced by ordinary, everyday mistakes and that the future could be foretold by carefully watching simple actions of daily living. These odd ideas were deeply embedded in the minds of people across the globe. Once a belief becomes part of the tradition of a country, it is almost impossible to remove it. Education has eliminated many of these customs from our culture as we now live in a society that requires demonstration, proof, argument and understanding, for belief to survive.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Getting to Know the Goddess Course 2:2

In this lesson, we hear about The Maiden, the young Goddess, one who, I think, is often trusting and adventurous - such dangerous combinations! 

The tragic story of Jesus strikes me as being true to that of a child of a very young girl, who appears to have little support at a desperate time in her life. When pregnant, she visits a cousin. One wonders where were her siblings, parents and close family at the time when she appears so alone and vulnerable and lacking confidence, support and protection! 

I have a fascination for Mary Magdelene and was an early reader of the Holy Blood and Holy Grail and have read around this topic for many years. Perhaps she was a priestess, from a pagan land, who blessed his feet with her perfumed oil prior to his trial and death. New excavations in the Holy Land and historical investigations, provide new thinking about the title 'magdala' which means 'tower'. The Magdalene provided the disciples with money, and was first to visit the tomb after the burial of Jesus, so therefore, she had a privileged position within the family that would have been granted to only those women who washed and prepared the body of the deceased. 

I believe Jesus was a rightful king, with royalty on both sides of his family, and that this was recognised at the crucifixion when the persecutors placed a crown of thorns on his head and a placard, INRI 'King of the Jews' on the cross itself. It has been suggested that the Aramaic word for 'carpenter' can also mean 'architect'. Many of the disciples were not poor, for instance, Peter was a fisherman who had his own boat, so would have been considered a rich man of his time. I read in 'Jesus the Magician' by Morton Smith, that there is an ancient story about a Roman soldier who raped Mary to humiliate the Jews and prevent Mary from bearing the future King. It is said the Roman solider was from Gaul and had red hair; Jesus is often shown with red hair in the earliest paintings. What a story!
Link to information about this book:

The Roman Catholic Church maligned Mary Magdalene, by saying she was a prostitute. There is nothing in the New Testament to suggest this! All we know is that Jesus cast out seven demons from her, and it is wrong for the church fathers to assume her demons related to something sinful or sexual. 

Jesus surely had a normal mother, from what we can surmise, and that she had sex in the normal way with the father of Jesus, whose name we are told in the gospels, was Joseph. Mary was a virgin when they met, as she was a young girl, perhaps 14 years old. Why the Church implies that she remained a virgin, even after having a baby, is strangely manipulative. Many other religions of their day had Gods that were born miraculously of a virgin. However, these are myths, a fantasy, and the Christian church does an injustice by insisting on this as dogma and doctrine. There is huge exageration of the need for women's sexuality to be hidden, oppressed, denied, in their teachings, which is appalling for an all male hierarchy, to see women from this prejudiced viewpoint. What could they know of women's issues, or in what way does their teaching demonstrate that they care about pregnancy, prostitution and other matters that relate exclusively to women?

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Free YouTube Healing Meditation

Please do not drive whilst listening to this meditation. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, relax and imagine.... Meditation presented by Erica Longdon with text by Wendy Stokes

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Durrell Wildlife Charity

The Durrell Conservation Trust is an international charity that protects endangered species from extinction. It is an international charity founded by the naturalist and writer, Gerald Durrell OBE. His entire life was inspired by spending several years as a child on the island of Corfu. Gerald died in 1995 and the Trust is overseen by his wife, Dr Lee Durrell who has continued his outstanding work. Dr Lee Durrell was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List on Friday 10th June 2011.

The Durrell Wildlife Park, previously known as Jersey Zoo, is a modern day stationary Noah’s Ark where rare species can be bred and studied and returned to the wild where possible. There is a training programme with courses available and education projects are run by highly skilled specialists in species conservation. The Park is open to visitors who wish to see some of the most endangered species in the world. Summer is a favourite time to visit as the breeding programme often reveals newly born rare species, such as the yellow mongoose triplets born this year and the male Black Lion Tamarind that was born by caesarean section, hand reared and syringe fed at the zoo. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

In Search of Silence

When we look into any spiritual path, we notice that silence is an imperative part of contact with the divine. It seems to be both a pre-requisite for, and an effect of, the meeting between human and deity. Our busy and technological life causes us to be overloaded by man-made noise, such as traffic, alarms, piped music and trivial, attention seeking conversations on mobile telephones. Even in the countryside, we hear the roar of aircraft noise above the sound of the wind, rain, birds and bees. In very stressful, noisy environments, it is difficult for us to harness our thoughts. The resolution to this problem is to ‘get away from it all’ and seek out a tranquil place. When we do this, we are connected with the life of the ancients who lived more healthy lives, in keeping with the sounds of nature. However, it is almost impossible to find a place of peace away from the clamour and intrusion of unwanted noise. Even public libraries are now places of chatting over newspapers and munching sandwiches.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Getting to know the Goddess Course 4:1

The Crone
This is a suitable archetype for me, as I am in the last years of my life. I am sure there were wise women of older years throughout all time who guided the younger women. There were also those who were distressed by difficult circumstances, perhaps lonely or not financially or emotionally coping in times gone by,mas there still are today. It is not just young women who need guidance and counselling but those who feel that society has left them behind and has no further interest in them.

Keridwen (has part of my name included in hers) is the example provided by the course and her mysterious myths leave me puzzled as to their possible meanings. A cauldron of nourishment, a pot for hot soups and stews, this is still my favourite dish. It could be a symbol of a woman's pregnancy, or of a pot of plenty of any kind, of riches, resources, a family united together, a progressive society, a world of caring, beauty and wellbeing for all people and other species.

The Crone is a prophetess, presumably she has witnessed much in her past, and can see patterns that will inform the future. I feel frightened for the future, that wars will bring division and pain for generations. I feel fir those most vulnerable, as they are always the greatest victims. I feel for other species who have as much right to live in peacevas we all have. I think the Crone should be champion of the planet, of protecting all species and those people across the world most in need.

She is also a shapeshifter. I have never fully known what this involves, I hope not being a good actress, but a person who can turn their hand to many skills, to cook, sew, play a musical instrument perhaps, make people laugh, etc.

We approach the time of All Hallows, when hags and others represent the time of death and the Afterlife. For me it is a sacred time. I loathe the trick or treaters on our streets. On my altar, I have fallen leaves and acorns that form a carpet for the candle that shines a light in the emerging winter months and on any darkness or ignorance that might blight my path. I have apples and pears and plums in my cauldron that will make a fruit compote to add to my daily breakfast cereal.

I read a book that said that the Trojan War took place in East Anglia, in the UK. It is titled 'Where Troy Once Stood'. 

Helen, or Elen, is sometimes referred to as the Goddess of London, and of ley lines and other ancient paths of Britain, such as Deer trods. She is also known as Elen of the Ways.  Helen is said to have been a real woman, mother of Constantine the Great, who built the first Christian church in Britain in London. I didn't know there was a basket called a Helene. How interesting! I love basketry and have a great collection made by other people from across the world. I love them because they are hand made, often by women who need the work to support their family, because they show the beauty of this ancient craft, because they are often colourful, with great variety, and because they are biodegradable, unlike plastic bags or animal skin, which causes suffering. From Goddess Pages Online Course:

Getting to know the Goddess Course 4:2

The Goddess of the Sea

I have always been attracted to the sea. I think the large skies, the blue of the sea horizon meeting the blue of the sky, there is a sense of the eternal, of an everlasting and awesome beauty that is unconquerable by mankind. We can never change that picture.

Aphrodite is not a Goddess I relate to, perhaps her manipulative personality is one I fear. In my childhood 'the Star of the Sea', was Mary, Mother of Jesus, though why she is called this, I wonder. We had a hymn, that I remember well. Maybe Mary Magdelene should have this title instead.

I did once make a Goddess doll but I buried it in a ceremon but I seem to collect dolls, people give them to me as gifts. Some are very special. I believe some can talk! :-)

We are very lucky that so many ancient artefacts have survived many tens of thousands of years. These earliest of objects made by human hands are statues of the Goddess. It is thought that She was the earliest of deities, and a peaceful, caring society developed under a strong matriarchal society. I would hope that we could look forward to a time when women are once again respected, given power and that men are supportive of this role for women in our world. Maybe the New Age will provide the opening for this to happen. By looking into the past, we can see where patriarchy has made mistakes, in war, materialism which destroys the planet and enslaves other species, does not properly care for children, gives women a second class status. We can address the problems of the future, and I think the Godesss, in all her guises, can help us to do that.

Goddess Equalia by Jocelyn Chaplin
Who is the Goddess today? I think she is an inspiration to women, that they no longer need not try to relate on their most inner levels to a male deity. She is a inner vision of power, intelligence and knowledge. She is the female deity that encompasses all other female deities, many of which have quite male energies as well as female energies. Within her are all the sub personalities. These show us all we can be. My dear friend Jocelyn Chapman, Healer, Priestess, Teacher and Artist, has written a book about Equalia, Goddess of Equality and rhythms of life, whether they be the rhythms of our body or the rhythms of our planet or the universe in which we live.

I am thanking Geraldine Charles for this wonderful course and the insights and stimulation it provides, in books and articles, poetry, pictures, lots of myths, and Geraldine's vast wealth of experience in this field. I would like to recommend this Goddess Pages Course to anyone who would like to get to know the Goddess more and incorporate her in your life. Visit: and sign up when the course is updated and available.

Resolving Conflict - Book Extract

The following is a useful technique to deal with a person who is causing tension.

“When you…” (state action, for instance, “arrive late”), “I feel…” (state emotion and effect, such as “impatient that our meeting has been interrupted”), “If this continues, I will…” (state avoiding action, such as, “suggest we do not allow late-comers to attend”).

     Another feedback technique is to make a ‘sandwich’ of compliments and the behavior you would like them to change. “I think you contributed greatly by arranging the room

Saturday, 21 October 2017

What is Oneiromancy?

The study of dreams and their divinatory interpretation. From ‘oneiros’ a Greek word meaning dreams and ‘mancy’ meaning divination. The Oneiroi were winged spirits of the realms of sleep. They lived in Erebos, Land of Darkness, and contacted sleepers through one of two gates. One gate was made of horn, the other of ivory. Prophecy and prediction came through the horn gate, fantasy and delusion through the ivory gate.

Quote: I do not hesitate to affirm at the outset that occurrence of dreams foretelling a future event with accuracy must be accepted as certain. Camille Flammarion. Premonitory Dreams and Divination of the Future. 

Quote: Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than in the imagination while awake? Leonardo da Vinci.

Quote: Man is a genius while he is dreaming. Akira Kurosawa.